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For years, the retirement plan has been viewed as a "throw-in" to a benefit package by many employers - one among many benefits, but nothing special.  Today, it is recognized by informed employees, business owners, and industry experts as a critical tool that offers significant benefits to employers and employees alike.  For businesses, the effective implementation of high-quality qualified and non-qualified retirement programs can provide significant tax benefits for the company, serve as a differentiator helping to attract, retain, and reward employees, and provide effective tools for self-employed individuals and business owners to reduce and/or defer tax and meet their future financial needs. For employees, the employer retirement plan can create an asset sufficient to provided needed income in retirement and, in high-end plans, provide resources to assist employees in planning for their future, addressing financial questions and making better financial decisions based on their needs and circumstance.

Unfortunately, the packaged retirement programs offered by insurance companies and many financial product vendors, and implemented by many employers, have failed to meet the needs of both employers and employees, due primarily to poor overall support, poor investment management, and high costs. 

At Excel Financial, we work with our business clients to define, implement, and manage retirement plan programs specifically designed to meet their needs and objectives and those of their plan participants.  We work with our clients, not as a third-party sales representative, but as an independent expert, co-fiduciary advisor, and team member providing the information and insight to facilitate prudent selections and the expertise, tools, and support to help implement and operate effective retirement plan programs. We help our clients document their needs, identify available options and vendors, make selections, implement their programs, and manage the programs effectively ongoing, including the implementation of appropriate management tools.  

In delivering and supporting our plans, we focus on the factors that truly make a difference for the employer and employees:

  • Helping participants understand, take advantage of their plan, and prepare  for their futures
  • Eliminating unnecessary cost
  • Enhancing investment performance
  • Managing liability
  • Providing excellent exemplary participant and sponsor support
  • Simplifying plan administration

Our approach is focused on delivering an outstanding plan at a low cost, and providing outstanding ongoing support to ensure that the program is meeting established objectives in operation, resulting in a superior value for the sponsor and a true benefit for program participants. 

If you have questions about retirement plans, give us a call. If you have a packaged plan today,  ask yourself, "Are we getting the most from our retirement program?"  If the answer is "no" or "I am not sure," give us a call and let us help you evaluate your program and identify  opportunities to better meet your needs.

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